Jules & Esther are Maria's maternal grandparents, J.N. (Jules Norval) Calais and Esther Dugas. 

J.N. and Esther met in the early 1920s; he was a hard-working blue-collared teen and she was a wealthy socialite. Despite their different backgrounds, she began tutoring him and they quickly fell in love. Their marriage produced six children and a  lifetime of happiness and joy. 

"Grandpa could always be found working in his garden, and from an early age he taught me how to value the goodness of what the earth had to offer. I have fond memories of helping him out in the garden--planting seeds, picking ripe produce, and braiding and hanging garlic. I also remember sneaking into grandma's bathroom and being enamored with all of her creams and lotions in their pretty packaging, giggling as I smeared on creams and patted on powders in her mirror.  So when it came time to name my line, it only made sense to honor the two people who taught me the value of hard work, and who piqued my interest in nature and skin care."  -Maria